Radio Frequency Ablation


Radiofrequency ablation for skin tags

Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency or Radiowave Surgery is used to remove skin tags, warts, moles and small cyst.

In radiofrequency electrosurgery, the tissue serves as the resistance instead of the electrode. The intracellular tissue water provides the resistance and vaporizes without the heat and damage seen in electrosurgery.

This tissue vaporisation also results in significant hemostasis (stopping of the flow of blood) without actually burning the tissue.

There is minor swelling, redness, & scabbing that heals on its own. It is done under topical anesthesia depending on the size, location and number of lesion.

The advantages of radiofrequency ablation includes,

a) Office / Clinic procedure

b) Lesser time

c) Rapid healing.

d) Minimal or no bleeding.

e) Aesthetically pleasing scars or no scars.