Botox with mesobotox for under eye, full face rejuvenation


Mesobotox involves injection of small quantities of highly diluted botox into the superficial layers of skin to get desired results. This involves using special meso needles to deliver minute quantities of the substance into the skin. The skin is numbed using a topical anesthetic cream to make the procedure painless. The individual can return to work immediately after the procedure. After a series of 3 sessions, the procedure can be repeated once in 6 months to maintain the achieved results.

Although Botox remains the gold standard for reduction of wrinkles that appear during facial animation (like smiling and frowning), mesotherapy can provide an alternative that can even address areas that Botox fails to treat. For wrinkles around the mouth, where Botox remains unsafe, our special formula of mesotherapy can provide wonderful rejuvenation and the possibility of wrinkle reduction. Wrinkles that extend into the cheek from the crow's feet also cannot be managed safely with Botox due to the risk of affecting speech and smile. Mesobotox, however, can provide tremendous benefit in the right patient for these recalcitrant lines.

Mesobotox can be used to treat open pores, very fine lines or wrinkling of skin seen with aging. Mesobotox has the added advantage of decreasing sweat and oil production in the skin and gives the skin a shiny appearance.