Myths & Facts

Myth & Fact

Creams claiming to replace Botox/dermal fillers really work. Myths
Creams can't reach the target zone regardless of the ingredients, mode of application. Facts
Hypoallergenic products are better for sensitive skin. Myths
The term Hypoallergenic is little more than a nonsense word. No accepted testing methods, restrictions, regulations, and guidelines to qualify a product hypoallergenic. Facts
Cosmetic procedures are age related. Myths
Cosmetic procedures are problem related and skin related. Facts
Age spots are a fact of getting older. Myths
They are result of years of unprotected sun exposure. Facts
Always look for collagen and elastin in anti-wrinkle products. Myths
Collagen and elastin only serve as good water binding agents. They are too large to penetrate into the skin. Even if small, can't bind with the natural existing collagen. Facts
Expensive cosmetics are better. Myths
It's all about the formulation, not the price. Facts
Natural ingredients are better for skin than synthetic. Myths
No factual basis or scientific legitimacy. Facts
Oily skin can be controlled with the right products. Myths
Oil production is hormone triggered. It can be controlled only to a certain extent. Facts
Use night creams to stay young. Myths
Only difference between night and day cream is that the later should offer a SPF ≥ 20. Facts
Skin adapts to cosmetic products and stops working. Myths
Body adapts better to a healthy diet. Facts
Dandruff spreads by sharing combs. Myths
Commensal organism. Not communicable. Facts
Everyone with hair fall can go in for a hair transplant. Myths
Effective for androgenic alopecia, not for diffuse thinning of hair. Facts
Peels remove wrinkles, greatly improves complexion, removes scarring and is an one sitting procedure. Myths
Removes only superficial wrinkles, scars. Reduces acne and superficial post acne scars. Reduces sun tan and epidermal pigmentation. Multiple sittings may be required. Facts
Magic of creams and lasers can erase any sign of dyspigmentation with no recurrence. Myths
Remedy – YES (Peel + MD + Topicals). But Recurrence rate is high. Facts
Botox is Unsafe. Myths
Botox has a well established safety history. Facts
Botox will result in loss of facial expression. Myths
It enhances your look, does not change it. When well administered, you can still smile, frown, cry or animate. Has no effect on sensory nerves, so feels normal. Facts
Injecting Botox is like putting poison in your body. Myths
Botox is a purified form of toxin. Acts only at the site of injection. Does not cause Botulism. Facts
Once you have started Botox, the condition will get worse when you stop. Myths
The condition does not gets worse, but the previous wrinkles reappear. Facts
Botox can cause the face to be crooked and deformed. Myths
This happens only if it is injected inefficiently. Facts
Botox can cause the face to be crooked and deformed. Myths
This happens only if it is injected inefficiently. Facts
Botox injections are painful. Myths
Not really, quick and simple. No anesthetic agent is required. Facts
Botox is expensive, only for the rich and famous. Myths
The cost depends on the indication and units used. Facts
There are creams better than botox. Myths
Creams work on the surface of the skin. Botox paralyses the muscles and relaxes the skin. Facts
Botox fills the creases. Myths
Doesn't fill in facial lines or restore volume loss. Facts
Botox is permanent. Myths
Lasts on an average of 4-6 months. Facts
You have to be old to get Botox. Myths
Can be started in the thirties. No upper age limit if no other complication. Pregnant / Lactating women are not eligible. Facts